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Why Automated Internal Marketing Postcards Outperform?

Completely customize your internal marketing recall efforts to maximize your patient retention efforts!

Even though we live in an electronic world, we all know sending your patients postcards for reminders, birthdays, thank you’s, etc. is helpful and positive. It’s just that it’s extra work and cost, and we like to think text and email is good enough. The fact is, our patients get countless texts and emails and 75.2% of emails never get opened. Although most people will read a text, since they get on average 128 a day, they’re often essentially ignored or forgotten. In our electronic world, physical mail has become a welcome novelty and gets far more attention. That translates to results that can add a great deal of revenue while saving your staff time, which also preserves revenue in your practice.

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Keep your patients coming back for more! - 45% Discount from Industry Avg.

Fully Automated Program

  • Integrated with your PM system to save you time and money
  • Just design the recall/reminder program that you want, then sit back and watch it work!

Customized Variable Data Cards

  • This gives you full flexibility to decide what personal message or data you want on each card
  • A better patient experience means more return appointments!

Premium, Best Practice, Recall Campaigns

  • Proven designs delivered on 4"x6", two-sided color, premium thick stock, UV coated on the front, with first class postage
  • All for less than the price of a postage stamp!

Industry average pricing for Automated, Variable Data, Recall Cards = $0.79

Gargle Product Price Member Price = $0.49