Gargle Product

100% Guaranteed Lowest Cost Merchanting On the Planet - so you can free up dollars for more patients

Gargle found the very best merchanting solution and then eliminated all the fees giving you direct access to the government regulated interchange rates.

Every credit card processing company, or merchanting company have one thing in common, the only way they make money is by layering fees on top of the government regulated interchange rates. Payment Depot eliminates all of those fees with with a minimum membership that Gargle has negotiated to a flat $59 a month. That guarantees that you will always save money over any processing service anywhere. typically that savings is hundreds of dollars a month that can now go towards building your practice instead of being donated to a processing company.

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The last time you think about credit card processing! Check out the details -

Guaranteed Savings

  • No fee merchanting - No Swipe, keyed-entry, bps, monthly service, pci, etc.
  • Free terminal exchange
  • Double the difference in Cash Guarantee

Cutting Edge Capabilities

  • Keyed-entry Web Portal
  • Scheduled Auto Payment
  • Next Day Deposit
  • Secure patient data storage - fully HIPPA compliant

Guaranteed Satisfaction

  • Above and beyond service via phone, webchat or email with live experts
  • No Contracts – You are never locked into any term
  • Free audits of exact savings


Industry average pricing for Zero Fee Merchant Services = $400

Gargle Product Price Member Price = $59 Membership