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Turn Clicks on your Website into Live Conversations with Potential Patients!

Why not meet and convert quality leads while they're doing research on your website with an easy to install and use Swell Webchat tool. The best time to talk with a lead is when they are on your website ready to chat!

Swell is a Dental Industry leading patient communication and conversion company focused on helping you improve your chances of finding and retaining quality patients. Swell has grown thousands of customers in a few short years for one reason. It works!

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Don't let website visitors slip through your fingers! Have live conversations when they matter most.

Delivers Ready-to-Schedule Patients

  • It is much easier to get ahold of and close leads when you have a name and a real phone number!

Real-time Patient Interaction

  • Potential patients prefer talking when they want to, how they want to. That's why Swell Webchat is so effective

Integrated Monitoring Dashboard for Lead Management

  • The Swell Dashboard makes it easy to track details about Webchat leads and send only real leads to your team to convert!


Industry average pricing for Integrated Webchat = $149

Gargle Product Price Member Price = Included