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Tired of wasting money on campaigns to the wrong area or demographic?

On average it's reported that 26% of marketing dollars are expected to be wasted. eSpatial and your Gargle Analyst dial in your market and put all of you dollars to work adding quality patients to your practice.

eSpatial is the Market Analysis tool used by Fortune 500 companies to, best optimize the opportunity in your market, get the best return on your investment, and stop the wasting of dollars from imprecise data.

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No More Guessing - Take Your Targeting Seriously, and see the amazing impact in your return on investment

Custom Analysis of Your Market & Patients

  • See where you attract patients from
  • Demographic targeting for identifying areas with your target patient
  • No long waste money on the wrong areas

Intelligent Segmenting

  • Better Campaign Structure for Better Results
  • Trend Layering for Projected Campaign Development
  • Optimization of Full Identified Market

Trending of Results

  • Know what campaigns are working best
  • See what areas are getting stronger or weaker results
  • Quarterly and Annual Trending Analysis


Industry average pricing for Meaningful Market Analysis & Mapping = $99

Gargle Product Price Member Price = Included