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New Families Moving In - The Most Valuable Group To Introduce Yourself To

Now You have the Best Way EVER to Introduce Your Practice to New Move Ins!

Of all the marketing options you hear about, there are few that everyone agrees are fundamental to your external marketing efforts. Mailing to new families moving in should be right up there with having a sign and being on the Internet. These prospects represent the best opportunities to add new families to your practice and keep you visible in your market.

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Cutting edge technology powering the most innovative way to introduce new families to your practice

Leveraging the Most Consistently Successful Methodology

  • Individual Household Customized Digital Postcards
  • Optimal touches to get results and establish your brand
  • 6"x11" Jumbo Card, Beautifully Customized to Your Practice & the new family

Exceptional Data Directly From the Source

  • 70% of new families choose a new dentist in the first 6 months, so we get data ahead of major list companies
  • 85% of new families choose the first dentist introduced to them, so we get you introduced first

Guaranteed Results

  • Results tracking that's integrated with your practice management
  • New Families Phone Number List, Scripting, and Staff Training to Welcome New Families
  • No Risk - You get enough new patients to return your investment, or it's free!


Industry average pricing for New Move-In Mailers Campaign = $1.25

Gargle Product Price Member Price = $0.59