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Great Practices Deserve Great Reviews

97% of people will check out your practice online before scheduling, even those referred by your patients! Swell makes it easy to be ahead of the competition and the obvious choice to that prospective patient.

Swell has engineered the ultimate solution to set you apart from all the other practices in your area. Their technology delivers better results - More automated reviews by as much as 6 times. Higher average star ratings of 4.85 out of 5. More efficient patient engagement for higher patient satisfaction and retention

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The Best Solution Includes All the Best Tools

Getting Reviews - Made Simple

  • Single click reviews as a Google Partner
  • Simple Automatic and Manual Invitations
  • Full Practice Management Integration

Set More Appointments

  • Full Customization for Your Patients
  • Better know your patient with feedback and insights in a single dashboard

Engage with Patients Easily

  • Engage with Patients Easily
  • Reviews compiled into centralized dashboard you can efficiently reply from
  • Communicate however your patients prefer
  • 24/7 Customer Support and Coaching for best practices responses

Industry average pricing for Review Gathering and Management = $249/mo

Gargle Product Price Member Price = Included