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Let Gargle do the heavy lifting by creating and posting your social media content!

Finally, an easier way to build and post great dental related social media content for your practice!

You already know how much time and effort it takes to build and post quality content every week to your Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business accounts. Someone has to think it through, build relevant content, and then schedule each of the posts each week. At Gargle, we talk with you or your staff each month about strategy and content, and then we do the actual work for you!

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Quality, dental specific social content - curate and posted for you!

Keep Your Practice Relevant and Active Online!

  • Current and potential patients expect you to be active online
  • Posting relevant dental content, practice updates, and seasonal offers, is now expected from a quality growing practice

Strengthen Relationships With your Existing Patients

  • Let patients see both your dental expertise and the personality of your practice
  • Continual social outreach improves relationships and retention

Consistently Great Social Content Builds Your Reputation

  • Keep yourself active in the online community and present in your patients experience
  • Your reputation is one of your most important practice assets

Industry average pricing for Social Media Content & Posting = $199

Gargle Product Price Member Price = Included