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Can training be anything but painful and boring?

Finally - Simple, Straight-forward, & Effective Training that doesn't waste your time, insult your intelligence, or bore you out of your mind!

Dental Marketing has been coaching front offices for over a decade to help calls turn into scheduled patients. You have exclusive access to their library of about 30 videos focused on specific skills. Most are 3-5 minutes and they're not only very effictive, but entertaining. Some will be insightful, and some will just be great reminders, but all their principals have proven invaluable to turning more calls into scheduled patients. They've even won awards!

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Here's a sample of coaching videos - You'll learn Best Practices, and how to use them

Getting More Callers Appointed

  • Doubling the number of scheduled appointments
  • Maintaining control of the call
  • Conveying confidence in you and the practice
  • Doing something special

Making Your Job Easier

  • Getting the respect you want from callers
  • Connecting with callers
  • Saving yourself time on the phone
  • Getting callers to appreciate you

Setting Your Practice Apart

  • Conveying respect and appreciation
  • Helping callers make the best decisions
  • Giving callers what they want
  • Ending the conversation well

Industry average pricing for Staff Video Coaching Library = $99/mo

Gargle Product Price Member Price = Included