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Video testimonials, video reviews, and user generated videos!

Collect, edit, and publish patient video reviews to the places that matter most! Finally, a super simple to use tool to collect real content videos from your happy patients.

It’s no longer ok for businesses to only tell their story. It’s time for businesses to show what their products and services can really do for people. We believe businesses should capture and show the real experiences people are having with their products and services, so people can find the truth.

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Easily obtain countless satisfied patient videos to help your social reputation explode!

Social Proof your Business!

  • Current and potential patients are more likely to become emotionally connected to your business and believe in you, when they see video testimonials from your actual satisfied patients

Read and Share Your Patients' Stories in Seconds

  • Once you receive testimonials back from your happy patients, you can tag, post, and share online in seconds
  • Gone are the days of complexity and hassle

Save Your Practice Time and Money with VideoPeel!

  • Getting video testimonials from your patients should be simple and quick
  • Sending patients the link and giving them control results in some truly amazing video testimonial moments!


Industry average pricing for Video Testimonials & Reviews = $249

Gargle Product Price Member Price = Included