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51% Off - Postage Included | 6 x 11 | 2-Sided | Full Color | Variable Data

“Every dentist knows we should be introducing ourselves to every possible new patient moving in around our practices. As we compared new mover programs, we were surprised to find the Dental program is so much better than anything else, that it’s barely comparable.          –    Dr. Glen Stephenson – Boise, ID


New Move Ins – A fundamental pillar of practice marketing

You have the Best Way to Introduce Your Practice to New Move ins, Ever!

  • 14% of people move every year (12%-17% last 20 years)

  • You are 80 times more likely to convert them into a new patient

  • They’ll spend more money in the first 6 months, by 6 times

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Of the countless marketing options you hear about, there are few that everyone agrees are fundamental to your external marketing efforts. Mailing to new move ins should be right after having a sign, and being on the internet. These prospects are the best opportunities to add new patients to your practice.


They will all be making new choices for their families and want to find a good fit in a great practice and cross off one more thing from their list of all the demands of moving. Our program is the most effective at stacking the deck in your favor so they chose you! Your new move ins get the most engaging mail piece, immediately after they move in, and see you for 6 months in a row (what we’ve found is optimal). We even provide you phone scripting and phone numbers that are available, to welcome them to the neighborhood! Then we top it off with Dental Intel, the best analytics program in the industry, included in the price (Dentrix, Eaglesoft & Opendental clients)! All that for as little as a third the cost of other less effective programs. Start getting more from your marketing dollars!

(Any month that you are unable to mail a new move in card, you can still continue using Dental Intel.  You only pay $399 of the cost and we pay the other $100 for you until you resume mailing your new move in card!  If you discontinue mailing new move in cards, you can still continue using Dental Intel for the regular $499 price.)


PRICING – 59.90¢ to 79.9¢/card – (reg. 91¢ – $1.67) 35% to 53% off!

(1,000 card per month minimum order)

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