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58% Off - Postage Included | 4.25 x 6 | 2-Sided | Full Color | Variable Data

Automated Variable Data Postcards

Completely customized to your patient and practice without the work and for only pennies a card!


More Ways to Touch Your Patients and Interact in Meaningful Ways

Finally, it’s simple and economical to leverage all of the cards you should do, but haven’t had the time to do or have felt were too expensive.


PRICING – 49.9¢ – 59.9¢/card – (reg. 89¢ – $1.75) 58% off!including postage!

Here are your card options

We have provided a number of different types of cards you can take advantage of to benefit your practice. We set up the report with you to simply and regularly output the targeted patients from your practice management system, then we customize the card to your practice. All you do is click to process the report and we do everything else!

Hygiene reminder – Keep your hygiene schedule running smoothly and effectively driving production to the practice instead of your staff having to jump through hoops, killing their efficiency, trying to fill holes in your schedule.

Missed appointment – Get more reappointments without your staff having to waste their time chasing down patients, leaving messages and losing time to do other important things.

Upcoming appointment – Make sure those production dollars end up in the practice instead of having to chase them or see them evaporate.

Thank you – Get more referrals and create the differentiation you need from all the other dentists around you. How often do you think patients get a thank you card after their appointment with a reassurance that you’re there to help if they need anything?

Birthday – Everyone likes to be acknowledged, and sending out a birthday card to your patients is a great opportunity to set yourself apart and remind them why they should continue to choose your practice.

Offer – Great way to boost production and help motivate patients to get the care they may be procrastinating. We can even have the cards just go to the types of patients you want to target with specifically tailored offers.



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PRICING per card

Proven Design

Customized to Practice

Personalized Data

Included in Printing

(Digital Variable Printing)

Full Color, 2-Sided Printing

Premium Thick Stock + UV Front

Automated Mailing Methodology

No Contracts or Minimums

49.9¢ - 59.9¢ per card

58% off!



91¢ to $1.67


Addressed Only


Black and White Back, No Coating




89¢ average + Design

(UPS Store)


Extra (Typically $150 - $250 per card)


No Coating



Even though we live in an electronic world, we all know sending your patients postcards for reminders, birthdays, thank you’s, etc. is helpful and positive. It’s just that it’s extra work and cost, and we like to think text and email is good enough.

The fact is, our patients get countless texts and emails and 75.2% of emails never get opened. Although most people will read a text, since they get on average 128 a day, they’re often essentially ignored or forgotten. In our electronic world, physical mail has become a welcome novelty and gets far more attention. That translates to results that can add a great deal of revenue while saving your staff time, which also preserves revenue in your practice.

Practices that leverage both postcards and electronic reports receive significantly better results and a great return on their investment. More patients show up for their appointment and they have far fewer “no shows” as well as more patients rescheduling. In the past it’s been tempting to just go with electronic since it’s a cheaper option. Now that you can send a better postcard for a fraction of what you used to have to pay. It just makes sense to invest a few dollars, see more patients, and enjoy more revenue coming into your practice.


Cost vs. benefit

  • Appointment Reminder cards – If you have 30 appointments a day with 2 no shows, pretty conservative. To mail reminders to them would be $13.20. If you just had one less no show because of the cards, with a low average appointment value of $100, your ROI is 758%!


  • Missed Appointment cards – Send out 30 a month and instead of the average 60% reappointment rate resulting in 18 new appointments, you get an 80% reappointment rate of 24 new appointments (what other practices have seen), your ROI is 4,545%!


More importantly, your staff’s time is saved since they don’t have to do anything for you to save that revenue! Your staff will love not having to worry about it and having less no shows and reappointments to deal with. You will love all the extra revenue and the fact that you’re not wasting your time when you are in the practice!

We have drastically lowered the cost by more than half (58%). At the same time we have leveraged technology and our buying power and created a better postcard than what everyone else is charging more than double for.


Our cards are printed digitally, leveraging variable data, meaning the card is able to be personalized with your patient’s name within the printing of the card, not just in the addressing. They are also full color on both sides on a premium thick card stock and UV coated on the front for an amazing finish that really makes it stand out. We use proven, professional designs customized to your practice that get results. You can even have a completely custom design created for your practice for only $138. Then we send them out First Class so they get there fast and let you know if your patient has moved without a forwarding address.

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