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Pay-per-Click has a Low Cost Per Lead - Exclusively Dental

$20 to $50 Prospective New Patients for 47% Less


You already know that Pay Per Click (“PPC”) management conservatively costs around $300-500/mo, plus you typically pay hundreds more in setup fees! You may also have recognized that the PPC industry has become legendary for making all kinds of unfulfilled promises and commitments. Each month, as more of your money is taken from your account, you may wonder if they are doing any of what they say they will do— besides efficiently burning through your adwords budget.


We have re-engineered PPC! We specialize exclusively in dental to optimize results and deliver no frills PPC management for 47% less, on average, with zero startup costs. Through cutting-edge technology, we help you pay less than you ever have in the past, while delivering you more and better results. Historically, PPC conversions, or new prospective patient calls, cost you between $20 to $50 with a 98.4% success rate! For a fraction of what you have paid in the past, you end up with a drastically better return on your investment.


PRICING – $199/mo – (reg. $299 + $250 setup) 47% off! – plus 100% of setup fee waived with NO contract

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Accountability & Transparency

Monthly reporting keeps you in the loop so you always know how many new prospective patient calls you are getting for your investment.


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Monthly Success Analysis

We monitor hundreds of practices weekly, all across the country, to confirm that all aspects of our system are delivering you the target cost per call.


Optimization Analysis

We let you know monthly what you should optimally budget in ad spend so you don’t waste money or miss out on any additional new patients.

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Continual Ad & Keyword Refinement

Your ads and keywords are refined for greater success, and those refinements typically produce results within 48 hours.

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Startup Process: PPC Account Creation 

  • Account Setup: This includes the selection of keywords, setting up ads, determining and/or creating landing pages.
  • Financial Controls: We’ll set up monthly budget limits, daily spend limits and maximum Costs Per Click (CPC). We’ll get your credit card into Google’s system. We’ll apply any applicable credit that Google currently has in place.
  • Networks: Our initial month will only show ads on
  • Location: Ads will be targeted to your location. It varies by location, but either think of showing ads within a specific mile radius of your office or within certain cities or counties.
  • Analytics / Data Tracking: We’ll set up tracking on all available calls to action (forms, appointment requests, phone calls, chats, etc.).
  • Account Launch: We’ll get the account running and start gathering data as quickly as possible.
  • Set Up Ad Alerts: This is where we set boundaries for normal performance. If the ads move outside that normal range, we get notified so we can dive deeper into the account. For example, if the ads get less or more clicks in a week than we expect, we want Google to tell us.
  • Set Up PPC Reports in Data Studio: We want you to always have access to your account data and know what’s going on. Is your money being well spent? In other words, is your PPC spend producing real clients and providing you a positive ROI?

Key Benefits

  • $158/mo – 47% average savings with no contract and zero setup cost
  • Immediate results with proven ads and keywords
  • Exclusive dental expertise with monthly sampling and analysis of hundreds of practices across the country
  • Monthly adword budget optimization report so you don’t waste money or opportunity

Months 2 – 5: PPC Account Optimization

  • The monthly strategy varies greatly based on results. Possible strategies include:
    • Let the account run with regular reviews. We need it to gather sufficient data (100+ clicks) before we start making tweaks and adjustments.
    • Budget Reallocation: Campaign A is doing awesome. Campaign B isn’t doing as well. Move allocated budget from Campaign B to Campaign A.
    • Budget Increase: We get to see how often your ads show up. We might recommend increasing the budget if it’s performing well, but ads turn off too frequently.
    • Change Average Position: In general, a higher ad position is more expensive. In some cases, we want to show up higher. In other cases, the top position might be too expensive for a particular keyword. We might decrease the Cost Per Click (CPC) to get to a more affordable and profitable position.
    • Change the Location: We might find that the ads are showing up in the wrong size of area. We’ll review this and make adjustments.
    • Change the Network: If the account is performing well, we might enable Google’s Search Partners (your ads show up on other search engines).
    • Start a Remarketing Campaign: This is where ads show up to prior visitors of your site. We can target people who came to your site, but didn’t contact you.
    • Start a Google Display Network (GDN) Campaign: This is where ads show up on sites relevant to your geographic area (like local newspaper and other sites).
    • Create Ad Extensions: There are lots of additional bits of information ads can show (addresses, phone numbers, reviews, site links, and many more). Once we have data for your ads, we’ll review and create applicable extensions.

Month 6: PPC Account Strategy Meeting and Next Steps

  • We’re partners with your dental practice. We want to check in.
    • Does it feel like PPC is helping?
    • Is the billing from Google what is expected each month?
    • Are you happy with the current level? Do you want to increase or decrease the monthly spend?
    • What other PPC opportunities exist at your current budget level? What if your budget changed?
  • Based on the meeting, we adjust and implement strategies. We have clients that we have repeated and refined this process for over 10 years.
  • Google improves and upgrades their features, targeting options, tracking capabilities and more every quarter. We want to help each dentist capitalize from all these changes and opportunities.

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