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What does the $138 design include? It includes a custom design of any card with variable data (if applies) remaining in it’s “Fixed” location.


Is it legal for me to give a gift to a patient for a referral and to the new patient they referred? There are laws intended to eliminate abuse of public aid programs and fee splitting. Some have interpreted aspects of these regulations as prohibiting nominal gifts to patients. From what we have been able to learn, nominal gifts to patients are allowed and it’s best to stay within guidelines of gifts with a value of no more than $15 and $75 annually. We aren’t lawyers though so you may want to check it out for yourself. These regulations can vary from state to state.

Source – https://www.hollandhart.com/gifts-to-referral-sources-and-patients


Q: What is the projected ROI on the new mover campaign for ortho practice, I know this is a relatively new program with your company, but surely you guys have done some projections before moving from the old model to the current model of new movers?

A: We see results range from what we have typically seen as an average of 544% to 700%, even 800% when practices leverage the phone numbers and scripting we provide and are doing a good job appointing and presenting treatment.


Q: What is the area exclusivity for another orthodontist in my area if I sign up?

A: We have just started the new move in program in conjunction with all of the other services available in the savings platform. With all of the different services we won’t be trying to manage exclusivity and with these services just now beginning to be provided, there wouldn’t be any issues with that for quite awhile.


Q: When is the best month to start? I would imagine most folks move into an area in the summer before a new school year starts.

A: The best time is as soon as the new family moves in and that is happening year round. Of course there tends to be more new move in’s in the Spring and a few less in the middle of winter, but our program is identifying them as soon as they move in and then getting a personalized card in their hands before they get anything from other practices. The quantity will vary each month based on the number of new move in’s but you’re only paying for each card sent. Consequently, the best time is immediately.


Q: When will I be charged for my print products?

You will be charged at the time your order is placed.  


Q: Can I customize the New Move-In Dr. Message?  YES What is the maximum amount of words that can be added?  100


Q: I would like to update my Logo.  Do you have any recommendations? 99 Designs https://99designs.com/


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