Gargle FAQ’s

Q: Is my setup and monthly membership fee waived forever no matter what?

A: No. The monthly rate will continue to be waived so long as you have a recurring bundle of services.

Q: What qualifies as a Recurring Services Bundle?

A: Any recurring Print or Web product with a minimum of at least one other other recurring product will qualify.  

Q: When is the best month to start doing new move in mailings? I would imagine most folks move into an area in the summer before a new school year starts.

A: The best time is as soon as the new family moves in and that is happening year round. Of course there tends to be more new move in’s in the Spring and a few less in the middle of winter, but our program is identifying them as soon as they move in and then getting a personalized card in their hands before they get anything from other practices. The quantity will vary each month based on the number of new move in’s but you’re only paying for each card sent. Consequently, the best time is immediately.

Q: What is the portal?

A: It’s like a savings club that you use to get a better deal on your supplies, but for saving on your marketing services and at bigger discounts since we have just set it up as an additional benefit to our customers instead of having to make lots of money off of it. Typically you’re getting the same services for half the cost or less. The average practices saves about $2k/mo or $25k/year.

Q: What do you mean, $2000 savings a month?

A: $2k/mo or about $25k/year is what the average practice is saving through the savings portal on their marketing services, plus the staff especially loves all the times savings that comes from eliminating tasks they hate.

Q: How does the savings portal save the staff time?

A: Because the cards on an automatic mailing schedule, you have less no shows and patients who missed appointments are now calling YOU to reschedule instead of the other way around.  The dental teams we work with,  report that they love that they aren’t wasting time with having to call patients with reminders, no shows, reappointing, outputting management reports, responding to patient reviews, etc. With the savings portal the staff has more time to do the things they really need to get accomplish!

Q: We already have a savings club.

A: Perfect! Then you understand the benefit. The savings portal we’ve developed is a savings club like what you have, but it’s exclusively for your practice’s marketing services. It’s the first of it’s kind, and it saves you drastically more than you typically save through a savings club. It is just for a dentist’s marketing needs and allows them to get what they are already paying for at about half the price or less! The average practice saves about $2,000 a month or $25,000 a year.

Q: We are not interested in postcards.

A: Well that’s lucky since this isn’t about mailing the postcards, although there are pre-appointment and missed appointment reminder cards that will increase office efficiency AND decrease missed appointments….it’s honestly about savings.  The average practice saves about $2,000 a month or $25,000 a year on the marketing services they are already paying for that AREN’T postcard related, only now you are able to get them for about half price or less plus freebies!!

Q: What kind of services are in the portal?

A: Great question! All kinds of marketing services like ReviewTracker to get more 5 star reviews and better online rankings, to Dental Intel the #1 dental analytics system, to the guaranteed lowest cost credit card processing saving the average practice a full point or more, and on and on. Everything in the savings portal carries a low cost guarantee of double the difference and nothing has a contract like those often multi-year contracts you get on so many marketing services.

Q: What are your cancellation policies and procedures?

A: Just let us know if you want to cancel anything via email, listed on Gargle.com ([email protected]), or through the help section contact us form, and we will can cancel it at the end of the current billing month. You’re never locked into a long term contract with anything you take advantage of through the Gargle savings portal.

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