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Gargle has vetted the providers that practices are using, and then delivers 20% to 60% off great name brand services with the guaranteed lowest price, and no contracts to lock you down! Then we add hundreds of dollars of invaluable management analytics and tools, for free, providing beneficial insights to your practice every month. We were inspired by the Costco model of providing great products and services, at an exceptional value, that you know they’ll stand behind.

Gargle delivers the best solution across the board:


True Wholesale Pricing, without contracts

Everyone you talk to says you’re getting the best deal, so we decided to make it easy to see the difference and guarantee it, on everything! All of the services for sale on Gargle are negotiated with the buying power of thousands of practices with the best brand name providers we can find. Not only have we secured the guaranteed best pricing, we have often gotten additional features and benefits added to make them even better. You can’t beat what you can get on Gargle and you’re never locked into a contract!


Practical Analytics & Tools

We’ve also added invaluable management analytics reports for free that you get each month or quarter. You will always have an accurate pulse on your practice’s market, your website, SEO, social, online listings and more. We even give you access to our award winning staff training video library or over 30 videos to help make sure prospects calling or coming into the practice get scheduled as new patients. It’s hard to measure how many thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars these tools will help you add to your practice, and they’re completely free!

Online Marketing Community

We think leveraging what your colleagues know can be a huge benefit. Your Gargle membership will provide you with free access to a dental community where you can share insights and find those hidden gems that will save you time and money and make all the difference. That can change everything in terms of how much benefit you get from your efforts and resources. We are building it now and creating a community you’ll love and can rely on to provide the best information available to benefit and grow your practice

Gargle – Marketing Savings Portal