Heat Map Examples


Instructions on how to export patient information for your heat map:

Let’s run a demographic analysis of your current and historic patients! Our heat map provides you a visual analysis of the areas and neighborhoods where your current patients travel to you practice from. The pin drops will represent the location of each of your patients with one color for historic patients and one color for patients from the last 90 days.

Providing us with this data is generally quick and easy to do. Simply export the information from your practice management software into an excel spreadsheet (.xls, .xlsx) or text file (.csv). The data needs to include the street address, city, state and zipcode, all in separate columns.
*NOTE – Please do NOT add the Patient name in this report.

Once the heat map has been generated, you can use it to target the best neighborhoods in your area to optimize marketing results. I want to aim to do this about every 90 days for you to ensure that you stay ahead of any shifts in your target market.

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