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58% Off - Without Postage| 4.25 x 6| 2-Sided | Full Color

Manual Recall Cards


If you prefer to personalize and mail your cards yourself, you can now get a better quality card for 58% less!


PRICING – 13¢/card – (reg. 31¢) 58% off!

Cards for all your needs

We customize the card to your practice and have them in your hands in just a few days.

Hygiene reminder card – Keep your hygiene schedule running smoothly and effectively driving production to the practice instead of your staff having to jump through hoops, killing their efficiency, trying to fill holes in your schedule.

Upcoming appointment card – Make sure those production dollars end up in the practice instead of having to chase them or see them evaporate.

Missed appointment card – Get more reappointments without your staff having to waste their time chasing down patients, leaving messages and losing time from doing other important tasks.

Offer card – Great way to boost production and help motivate patients to get the care they may be procrastinating.

Special Event cards – Grand opening, Open house, Learning event. Whatever you’d like to promote, we’re happy to help! We can even do a completely custom card for only $138.

Birthday card – Everyone likes to be acknowledged and sending out a birthday card to your patients is a great opportunity to set yourself apart and remind them why they should continue to choose your practice

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