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How to Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

Are you looking to step up your online dental marketing game without breaking the bank? Try taking a look at your Google My Business Profile and see how this simple tool can boost your business.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a profile that shows up at the top of most search engines providing details regarding where your office is located, information about what services you offer, customer reviews, and contact information. It’s a place where potential patients can go to get a quick and convenient look at your practice.

Having Accurate Information

The first thing to tackle once you’ve claimed your Google My Business profile is the information you post there. It’s crucial that you list the business name, your address, phone number, products and services. Then head to your business website and make sure that the information on your profile matches what’s on your site. Having the correct business information will help potential customers find you more easily. Be as specific as you possibly can be. The more details you have in there the better!

How Reviews Help

One of the greatest features of Google My Business is that it allows people to leave Google reviews on your business profile. Reach out to your current patients and ask them to leave a quick review. Most people are much more more likely to spend their time scrolling through reviews than looking through your marketing and advertising material. They want to hear from real people who have been to your local business.

Even the best business owners receive a mix of positive reviews and negative reviews. What’s important is that you respond to all reviews. Thank those who have expressed positive experiences and let those who feel negatively know where they can reach you to discuss possible solutions. Bad reviews can be used as a great tool to show you others that you pay attention to the feedback you receive.

Keep Customers Engaged

A great way to interact with potential customers online is to create Google Posts. For example, you can share an upcoming company party or event that’s open to the public. Perhaps  you have a new product or service that you’d like to advertise. No matter what you’re posting, make sure to use a variety of images, GIFs or video. This will increase your chances of people engaging with your post.

Use My Business Messages

Did you know that your Google My Business account has a messaging system? If a customer has a quick question they can use My Business Messages to contact you directly through a text message. Using this messaging system will allow you to respond to messages quickly and efficiently. Google also keeps track of the average time it takes you to reply.

Take advantage of this highly effective and necessary online dental marketing tool and bring your business into the spotlight today!

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