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Dental Website and SEO bundle with a low monthly cost - No Setup Fees or Contracts

Dental Website and SEO Bundle from the experts at Sebo Marketing!


Your dental practice website is the 24/7 open door to your business.  Is your website working for you?  

Not only that, but is your website being found?

The digital marketing experts at Sebo Marketing and the Gargle team have put together a website and search engine optimization combo package that work to fit into your marketing budget, are seamless to implement and provide a competitive and effective tool that works with you and grows with you.  Included in your monthly fee are 12 continued months of content and link building designed to make sure you are found online and make a great impression.

We can work to update your existing website with a fresh look and feel and SEO friendly content or give you a fresh new site.  You have the ability to add on any essentials that make your practice stand out amongst your online competitors.  The Sebo team will work with you to continually improve the content and quality of your site.

PRICING – $299/mo –  100% of setup fee waived with NO contract

What is included:

  • New or Existing Website
  • New or Existing Domain
    • Domain Name Included (value of $5.99 – 15.99 – standard domains only)
  • Website  and Domain Hosting included
  • 5-7 pages 
    • Suggested: Home, About, Services, Patient Information, Contact
    • Secondary Page Suggestions: Office Tour, Testimonials, Smile Gallery, Specialty Services, Bios
  • Includes Basic SEO (On-Page and Off-Page)
  • Includes Social Media Boot Camp


  • Internal Linking
  • Meta Description
  • SEO Title
  • Category Tags
  • Sitemap
  • Submissions to Google

Choose from 9-12 templates:

  •  Customized with practice branding (look and feel)
  •  Logo
  •  Staff Pictures
  •  Office Pictures
  •  Services and Specialties
  •  Office Hours
  •  Integrated Google Map
  •  Testimonials
  •  New Patient Forms (PDF file download only)
  •  Appointment Request Form
  •  General Contact Form

What to expect:

Monthly Fulfillment Plan for SEO/SEM Growth

Phase 1 – Data Gathering and Site Launch
  • Month 1: During the first month that we work with you, we want to get what we need to create an attractive site
  • Once the site is launched, we need to make sure Google is aware of the site and get feedback from Google
  • Google provides some awesome tools, like Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Search Console. We will be getting those tools set up and configured properly.
  • We’ll also be setting up some reporting resources so you can get up to date information about the health and success of your website.
Phase 2 – Gather Data and Start Targeting Specific Keywords
Once the site is launched, Google will provide some recommendations of which keywords we should prioritize over time. Using that information, we’ll follow a plan similar to the one outlined below:
  • Month 2Social: Create a Google My Business listing with a Google Reviews page on your site
  • Month 3Links: Find some directories (ex: Yelp,, etc) and other provider websites and get you listed in those sites
  • Month 4Quarterly Content: Create several additional pages of content
  • Month 5Social: Create a social media presence (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google +)
  • Month 6Links: Find local businesses (ex: Chamber, Rotary, etc) and get links on those sites
  • Month 7Quarterly Content: Create several additional pages of content
  • Month 8SocialCreate additional Social Media posts
  • Month 9Links: Integrate Google reviews into the SEO results
  • Month 10Quarterly Content: Integrate Google reviews into the SEO results
  • Month 11To be determined. What’s the biggest thing we can do to improve performance before the Annual Review? This will vary by site.
  • Month 12Annual Review: Analyze the results and get new keyword ideas from Google. Get feedback from you and your dental office. Create customized strategies based on what’s happened so far.
Phase 3 – Continual Improvement

Google rewards sites over time that are slowly growing, use the right keyword phrases in the right places, and gets other sites linking back to various pages on the website. Based on the review that takes place

  • We will regularly add unique content to your site so that your site slowly grows over time
  • We will continue to slowly gather more links pointing back to your site to boost your link profile
  • We will continue to monitor reports from Google to make sure we’re targeting the right phrases
  • These strategies will continue to get more traffic coming to your site
  • We will also ensure that your conversion rates (ability to convert visitors into leads) are where they need to be so that you will know that our efforts are producing a positive ROI for your business
  • We will also continue to be responsive to requested site changes, with a goal of always completing requested changes in as close to 48 hours as possible.

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