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What would grow your practice?

The dental industry has evolved and the changes are dramatic. Whether you are a single location practice, or sharing your community with growing DSOs or corporate groups, there are changes taking place in the dental industry that can’t be ignored.

The Gargle marketing savings portal is the culmination of what thousands of practices have been asking for, for years. Gargle can empower you to stand-out and thrive in an evolving industry, even with more dental professionals than ever before and numbers of dentists going up every year.

The changing landscape has revealed fundamental things that practices are recognizing they need help with in a considerably more competitive market:


Better Pricing 

Too often practices are taken advantage of on both the costs and quality of services they need to be able to rely on to get the job done on a long list of marketing functions. In addition they often get roped into long contracts they’re held to, even after they’ve found that the service doesn’t deliver what was promised or just isn’t the right solution for their practice. Getting the best pricing can be very difficult, even if you have several practices.


Industry Best Tools

Often practices don’t have the time, or struggle to find the time to do the level of research needed to identify the best tools. That can make the difference between success or failure. It’s easy to get sold something that looks good initially and may seem to have a reasonable price tag, that you even negotiated a better deal on, only to find out after signing the contract that it wasn’t the best fit. It’s essential you get the tools the pros use, with all the benefits they provide, without the long term commitment.

ROI Measurement and Accountability

Arguably the most important and sometimes seemingly most elusive. Knowing what you’re getting for your investment, what’s working and what isn’t is crucial. Even though that seems obvious, most marketing service providers don’t do a great job providing that vital information to the practice, and many don’t even try. Without it you are left to guess in large measure as you work to get the most from your resources to grow your practice. Eliminating ineffective marketing is key to successful practice growth.

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