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Now you know new patients can find you and get your accurate information.

You! In Control! Everywhere!

Control your Brand Experience Across the Digital Universe

“Since starting with YEXT, I’ve contacted their service experts three times.  Every time they take care of my concern efficiently and are both patient and informative so I learn more about their awesome system.


I highly recommend YEXT to anyone looking to optimize their digital presence and you’ll love their excellent customer service group!”

-Tim W.

PRICINGIncluded with core product subscription (reg. $42.00) 

Now you know new patients can find you and get your accurate information


There is so much more to the digital universe than what is seen on the surface! People will literally use hundreds of different ways and places to find you.


YEXT makes it virtually automatic to manage your information everywhere you have an online business listing. Not only does this make it easier for you to be found online, but it eliminates confusion and a poor customer experience while optimizing your rankings to stay ahead of your competition for less.

Listings Accurate, complete & compelling listings – everywhere it counts

Inaccuracies in the digital world wreak havoc for your practice’s rankings. That makes it hard, if not impossible, for you to be found by those looking for a great dentist. As if that wasn’t bad enough, automation used by listing services is constantly changing your information based on what they find across the web. That’s why YEXT constantly searches for and fixes errors.


Pages – Create beautiful, optimized local pages

Now it’s easy to make sure all of your profiles and listings will make a smooth path for patients to find you.  Even your intelligent search results will always be accurate and consistent.



Analytics – Know how customers interact with you – all across the Internet

YEXT finds all the interactions with your brand and delivers it all to you in an intuitive dashboard. You know exactly what is happening, where opportunities exist to enhance your opportunity and what you have control over.

“In our first year utilizing YEXT, we saw 72% more Google searches and 78% click-through increase on Google alone! In addition, in a 30-day period, 800 people took action on event listings, which meant 800 more individuals we would not have gotten if not for YEXT.

We find that when potential patients are searching online, it’s crucial our information is correct and they can easily find us, especially for emergency care. They want it immediately, and the information better be accurate. YEXT has been invaluable to help us accomplish that.”    Yvonne Rayburn – Ohio

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