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A $49 Gargle Membership unlocks massive savings on all of the tools you need.

Let's see how the Gargle suite of products can help your practice thrive!

Website + SEO

Attract new patients with a beautifully optimized, clean, and professional website and strategic SEO.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Start attracting inexpensive, quality new patients with dental-focused PPC campaign.

Social Media Ads

Let our professional ad management team customize campaigns to best fit your target audience.

Social Media Content + Posting

Let Gargle do the heavy lifting by creating and posting dental-specific social content just for you.

Review Management

Turn clicks on your website into live conversations while also helping you be ahead of the competition and the obvious choice to prospective patients with great reviews.

Direct Mail Postcards

Target those who actually need dental services and reach households that have actual patient potential.

Affiliate Partner Products

Pre-negotiated discounts…just for Gargle Members.

We worked hard to seek out the best tools and products to grow your practice, and then we negotiated with those vendors to secure incredibly…


Reach Call Center

  • Hygiene Recall
    • Retail $30.00 / book appointment – Gargle Price $25  / booked appointment
  • Answering Service
    • Retail $6.00 / answered call – Gargle Price $5.40 / answered call
  • Insurance Verification
    • Retail $7.50 / verification – Gargle Price $7.00 / verification


  • Online Booking
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Patient Messaging
  • Virtual Waitlist
  • Patient Recall
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • No Show & Cancellations
  • Online Payments
  • HIPAA Compliant Online Forms

Retail Price $350 – $700 / month

Gargle Price 20% Off – $280 – $550 / month



Dental HQ

In-house Dental Plan

Gargle Price – Flat Monthly Fee. $99 – $299




Dental and Orthodontic Patient Finance Options

Gargle Price:

  • Dental Financing 20%/4.5% / guaranteed
  • Orthodontic Financing 10%/4.5%/ guaranteed / flat fee



DSG - YEXT Partner

  • YEXT Starter Package
  • Healthcare Listing Extended Package
  • Competitive Listing Intelligence
  • Profile & Listing Claiming Assistance

Retail Price:  Packages $36 – $65 per month

Gargle Price:  Packages – 20% Off – $30 – $54 per month



Payment Depot

Merchant Services


Interchange + Fee

Retail Price:  $70 – $700 per month

Gargle Price:  $99 per month




Annual Compliance – OSHA & HIPAA

Retail Price:  $99 / month Compliance – $250 Booklet

Gargle Price:  $79 / month Compliance – $250 Booklet




Dental Practice Funding


Pricing varies by APR.



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We are a full service dental digital marketplace specializing in
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