In-House Dental Plans

Create a custom discount plan for your patients that's simple and risk-free.


of adults in U.S. don’t have dental insurance.


of people don’t see a dentist as often as they would like.

No Insurance? No Problem.

Create your own in-house plan to open the doors to new patients.

There are approximately 74 million people without dental insurance in the United States. An in-house dental plan is your opportunity to retain new, quality patients by providing them with discounts on the services they may have otherwise declined because of cost. Your custom, in-house DentalHQ plan allows you to set the fees and choose which benefits to include for your patients. It also allows you to avoid the hassle of negotiating with insurance while creating a steady stream of revenue for your practice. And unlike the standard per-member fees you often see with other dental plan platforms, Gargle is the only company that has a cap on the amount of fees you pay! The benefits are endless.

Self-administered membership plans can be a big hassle to maintain. Many third-party platforms are too restrictive. DentalHQ is different.

It’s designed to be easy. And powerful.

Provide better care for your uninsured patients.

Give your practice a predictable, stable income.

Eliminate headaches (and insurance).


More Patient Loyalty and Fewer Cancellations

Patients are more likely to return to your practice when they are part of a discount program that they have invested in. They’re also more likely to see you every 6 months.

Case Acceptance Rises

Membership plans give uninsured patients the ability to get the care they need, at affordable monthly payments. And when you show them exactly how much they’ll be saving with their in-house plan, they’re 50% more likely to agree to the treatment.

Generate Consistent Revenue

Monthly and annual membership fees are a consistent revenue base you can rely on, and when accurately tracked, you’ll also be able to predict how much you can earn in restorative and elective procedures over the coming months.

Ready to start offering in-house plans…risk free?

Features List

Increase Patient Revenue

Average revenue increase with in-house plans is 2x. Start building a steady monthly revenue stream.

No Insurance Hassling

No more dealing with insurance companies. These plans are designed and handled by you.

See Patients More Regularly

Patients are more likely to see the dentist every 6 months and accept additional treatments.

Improve Patient Retention

It’s more than just bringing in new patients, you have to keep the ones you’ve got. This will help fill the hole and keep patients coming back.

Affordable Dental Care for the Uninsured

In-house plans give uninsured patients the ability to get the care they need. Your patients will love it!

Zero Risk

No high setup fees or being stuck in a long contract. No contracts, no setup fees, zero risk.

Quick & Easy Enrollment

With our easy, frictionless platform, get your patients signed up within 15 minutes or less.

DentalHQ was founded by a dentist (Dr. Brett Wells) to serve the unique needs of dentists. That’s important.

DentalHQ is super-easy to use – Dr. Wells’ two-year-old just set up a perio plan for her stuffed llama.

Keep patients coming back to your practice. Typical patient attrition rates are 20-25%. Our total cancellation rate across the U.S. is less than 10%. Wow, indeed.

No monthly usage fees. Simple to get rolling.

Our platform is updated nearly every day…wait…just updated again.

Super-simple member management. This shouldn’t be difficult…and it’s not.

Live phone & chat support from a real live DentalHQ person. It’s a thing. We rock email, too.

Less wrangling with insurance companies = happier staff = happier practice.

You create the plans. You set the fees. Complete plan customization to your practice’s specific needs.

“We administered our in-house plan for years and it’s been painful, though great for our practice. To have great administration tools, reporting and visibility is amazing. Now we know exactly how many patients are on each plan, what our revenue is, who’s renewing, etc. Our in-house plan has been a tremendous benefit to our patients, it’s increased out treatment acceptance by making treatment feel more affordable, as well as our client retention. So far we have 781 patients on it and growing. It’s also allowed us to retire bad insurance arrangements which has eliminated insurance headaches and increased profitability.”


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