New Move-In Mailers for Dentists

Dental New Move-In Postcards

Proven to be one of the best ways to tell new neighbors about your practice!

Be the first to introduce yourself to the new neighbors!

The most valuable group to introduce yourself to is new family move-ins.

Thanks to Gargle’s data & analytics team – with it’s innovative heat mapping technology – and our partnership with DentalMarketing, we can identify new move-ins to your area and help make sure you’re quickly in front of them. These new move-ins represent one of the best opportunities to get new families into your practice. Additionally, our proprietary business intelligence tools track and analyze how well those postcards are performing for you. This means consistent ROI for your thriving practice.


As a Gargle member, you’ll be able to take advantage of this perk with incredibly low rates, as well as with a team that handles the design, customization, mailing, and tracking of all mailers.


New move-ins spend 6 times more money in their first months in the neighborhood.


About 14% of people change homes each year.

Let’s start introducing your practice to new move-ins!

We use heat mapping technology to find & target new customers.

We have a dedicated team handling design, mailing & performance of mailers.

We have 10 years & 200 million+ postcards under our belt.

Features List


Strategy, design, postage, shipping,
call tracking, and analysis are all included!


We provide insight into what has worked for
other practices & what brings success.

New Move-Ins

We help you identify the new move-ins in the
area to target and send mailers to.

ROI & Tracking 

Call tracking and analysis on all mailers
for more consistent ROI for your practice.

Bold, Catchy Designs

Full color, 6″x11″ cards completely
customized for your practice.

See Patients More Regularly

Patients are more likely to see the dentist every 6 months and accept additional treatments.

“We have been mailing postcards for years with some success. Gargle analyzed our market and showed us how to target far more accurately for the patients we want. We are getting far better results, not wasting time with the wrong prospects, and leveraging areas we didn’t know held opportunity for us. We have really appreciated how committed Gargle is to getting us the best results from every marketing dollar.”


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